Railway Rolling Stock in Poland 2018




“Railway Rolling Stock in Poland 2018”  is a comprehensive analysis describing in details conditions of operation, production and modernisation of railway rolling stock in Poland. This document, prepared by Railway Market – CEE Railway Rolling Stock Review portal’s team, is a source of knowledge about entities functioning in Poland, types of vehicles which they are using and their purchase and modernisation plans. The report also describes all types of rail vehicles operating on Polish tracks. The analysis provides useful knowledge about part of the railway market in one of the biggest countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The report presents current data up to:
February 2018 for freight carriers and rolling-stock;
February 2018 for passenger carriers and rolling-stock.

The source of information were estimates prepared by TOR Transport Consultants Group and data published by Office of Rail Transport, Central Statistical Office of Poland, entities active on Polish market (carriers, producers of rolling-stock) and Marshal Offices in particular voivodeships. The report will be updated annually.

The report presents over 240 pages of knowledge for:

  • foreign companies providing products and solutions for the Polish rolling-stock market (suppliers of rolling-stock and subassemblies);
  • entities planning to enter the Polish rolling-stock market;
  • entities planning to start rail transport operations in Poland;
  • consulting companies.


 Download sample of the 2017 Report (*.pdf).

“Railway Rolling Stock in Poland 2018” is closely related to the European Rolling Stock Forum, the biggest and most prestigious conference in Poland and CEE devoted to the rolling stock sector.




‘TOR’ Transport Consultants Group (Zespół Doradców Gospodarczych – ZDG TOR) is one of the leading Polish companies which specialises in consulting and analysing services in the field of infrastructure, mainline and industrial railways as well as urban transport and integrated public transport systems. We have been active as an independent consulting company since 1998. In particular ZDG TOR’s work focuses on such areas as:

  • Infrastructure;
  • Rolling stock;
  • Public transport;
  • Project management;
  • Local governments;
  • Environment;
  • Power industry;
  • EU funding.



Rolling stock fleet of Polish operators Polish rolling stock producers  Rolling stock acquisition plans Demand for modern technologies




  • Description of particular passenger and freight carriers – information about companies using rolling stock in Poland, character of their operations, rolling stock strategy, plans of acquiring new vehicles and modernising older ones, detailed data of particular types of vehicles used in Poland. All information visualized by transparent tables and diagrams
  • predictions regarding expected orders for new rolling-stock on the Polish market;
  • list of all new orders for new passenger rolling stock (since 2004 to 2017) with information of contract values;
  • list of orders for delivery of new freight locomotives and modernisation of the older ones (since 2010);
  • detailed description of electric and diesel passenger locomotives used in Poland – types, technical data, information about their history, production and various modernisation versions;
  • detailed description of electric and diesel multiple units used in Poland – types, technical data, information about their history, production, modernisation versions and a list of EMUs and DMUs owned by marshal offices in particular voivodeships;
  • detailed description of passenger cars used in Poland – data regarding modernisation and purchase plans;
  • detailed description of electric and diesel freight locomotives used in Poland – types, technical data, information about their history, production and various modernisation versions;
  • description and characteristics of freights carriages market;
  • detailed information about companies which produce and modernise rolling – stock in Poland (passenger and freight) – information about their offer, signed contracts and a little bit of history.


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